Welcome With Wide Europe

Our objectives:

Whether we are French, Russians, Germans, Italians.... The Asians and
Africans call us "Europeans" because we belong to a civilization and a
Common culture.

The objective is for all Europeans unite to preserve their
civilization and culture.
To this day, America, the daughter of Europe, managed by its power to
impose our values without shades but they are now in decline.

To achieve this unity, our only chance of survival,
France is a key driver of European integration and the immense Russia
should work together to lead other States in this new project of union
drawing on the European Union, which represents the most beautiful
creating that men have created to preserve peace
and taking example of Federal America that ensures the highest level of political unity,
economic and monetary policy while maintaining the autonomy and
independence of States in all areas where joint decisions are not

The poject of "Welcome With Wide Europe":
To discover the French and Russian and European values can be
preserved by all possible means: Internet, movies, news and also
actions for stregthen the link.
Gaining the support of all politicians who share our opinion that the
Heads of State supported by French and Russian public opinion and
their advisers engage in the process of creating a new union.






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