Mikhail Gorbatchev and Europe


As regards the future of Europe and role of Russia, I have already said that Russia is an European country, although it stretches to the Peaceful ocean. But it is part of European culture, its history, its philosophy and its religion. We are Europeans. This fact determines as yesterday the position of Russia and its political elite today. That's why Russia needs Europe, Europe well-situated in its respect, anxious with maintaining relations of partnership and promoting democracy. It seems to me that Europe has, also, need of Russia.
As Russia will overcome crisis and recuperate its force, it will participate more and in a decisive way in the building of Europe, in the greatness of Europe and in the constitution of a powerful centre, called to be, according to me, the cornerstone of the new worldwide order corresponding to international relations between the people in XXIth century.

That's why it is necessary to that we build together Europe, European common home. I think that to construct it's always ncessary, because it is a construction site which is still not finished.


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